Each individual Worldcon and NASFiC is operated by an independent committee. Except for the relatively few things required by WSFS rules, each convention is completely independent of other WSFS conventions and is allowed to run their convention as they wish as long as they do not violate WSFS rules.

Besides the Worldcon and NASFiC committees, WSFS and the WSFS Business Meeting has set up various permanent and temporary committees.

Mark Protection Committee
The WSFS Mark Protection Committee (MPC) is the only permanent committee of the World Science Fiction Society It manages the intellectual property and service marks of WSFS, including “Worldcon” and “Hugo Award,” which are among the service marks (similar to trademarks) WSFS owns. The MPC is also responsible for the ongoing WSFS web sites (including this one), but not the sites of the individual Worldcon committees.

The MPC consists of nine elected members and a variable number of appointees. The WSFS Business Meeting elects three people annually for three year terms. The current, future seated, an past two Worldcons and NASFiCs appoint members to the MPC. The MPC elects officers from among its membership. MPC meetings are held at announced times during each Worldcon and are open to all attending members of that Worldcon.

Hugo Award Marketing Committee
The Mark Protection Committee appoints the Hugo Award Marketing Committee (HAMC). This committee is responsible for maintaining the public face of WSFS, including all websites and social media accounts controlled by WSFS, but not websites and social media of the individual Worldcon committees. This committee works with Worldcon committees and others to coordinate activity related to the Hugo Awards.

Nit-Picking and Fly-Specking Committee
The WSFS Business Meeting appoints this standing committee, which is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the Rules of WSFS.

Worldcon Runners Guide Editorial Committee
The WSFS Business Meeting appoints this standing committee, which accumulates best practices of running Worldcons and disseminates them to interested parties.

Temporary (Ad Hoc) Committees
Temporary committees can be created by the Business Meeting for various purposes. Such committees automatically lapse at the end of the current WSFS Business Meeting if not reappointed. The current committees are:

Long List Committee
The Formulation of Long List Entries (FOLLE) Committee is responsible for maintaining the record of Worldcon history.

YA Award Committee
The Young Adult Award Study Committee is currently considering proposals for establishing an award under WSFS sanction aimed primarily at works of young adult fiction.