Mark Protection Committee

The WSFS Mark Protection Committee (MPC) is the only permanent committee of the World Science Fiction Society. It manages the intellectual property and service marks of WSFS, including “Worldcon” and “Hugo Award,” which are among the service marks (similar to trademarks) WSFS owns. The MPC is also responsible for the ongoing WSFS web sites (including this one), but not the sites of the individual Worldcon committees. Currently, the MPC has delegated management of the WSFS web sites to the Hugo Awards Marketing Committee.

The MPC consists of nine elected members and a variable number of appointees. The WSFS Business Meeting elects three people annually for three year terms. The current, future seated, an past two Worldcons and NASFiCs appoint members to the MPC. The MPC elects officers from among its membership. MPC meetings are held at announced times during each Worldcon and are open to all attending members of that Worldcon.