The Hugo Award
WSFS manages The Hugo Award, the long-standing fan-voted awards for science fiction and fantasy literature. For more information about the Hugos, see their own website.

The Lodestar Award for Best Young Adult Book
The Lodestar Award for Best Young Adult Book is not a Hugo Award; however, it is voted for and presented alongside the Hugos, and its rules are set in the WSFS Constitution. It is for a book published for young adult readers in the field of science fiction and fantasy. Because it is not a Hugo Award, a book can be eligible for the Lodestar Award and for a corresponding Hugo Award category (based on length) in the same year.

The Astounding Award for Best New Writer
This award is owned by the publishers of Analog magazine (which was known as Astounding magazine until 1960) and is managed on their behalf by WSFS. Voting for the Astounding Award is carried out alongside voting for the Hugos, and the award is presented at the Hugo Award Ceremony at Worldcon. However, the Astounding Award is not a Hugo Award.

Prior to 2020, the Astounding Award was known as the John W. Campbell Award. The sponsors of the Award changed the name to the Astounding Award after the 2019 Worldcon.

Convention Special Awards
Individual Worldcons may create their own awards in two ways.

Firstly a Worldcon may chose to create a category in the Hugo Awards which exists only for the year of that convention.

Secondly Worldcon committees may chose to create awards of their own, the winners of which are decided by that committee. These awards are presented at the Hugo Award Ceremony but are not Hugo Awards.