2023 WSFS Business Meeting Agenda Published

Chengdu Worldcon 2023 published the Agenda of the 2023 WSFS Business Meeting on their website on October 8, 2023. A Chinese-language version of the agenda is also available.

The 2023 WSFS Business Meeting will be held in the Meteor Museum at the World Science Fiction Park in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, meeting on October 19, 20, 21, and if necessary, 22, 2023, with each day’s meeting starting at 10:00 AM China Standard Time. All WSFS members present at the convention may attend, participate, and vote on matters before the meeting. The Business Meeting team plans to record the meetings and post them to the YouTube Worldcon Events channel as soon as possible; however, this is dependent upon bandwidth and technology available to the team, and the recordings may not be posted until after this year’s Worldcon concludes. We do not know if Chengdu 2023 intends to live-stream the Business Meeting.

Send inquires about the 2023 WSFS Business Meeting to wsfs_bm2023@wsfs.org.