2021-22 WSFS Constitution, Standing Rules, and Business Passed On Published

The official versions of the 2022 WSFS Constitution, Standing Rules for the 2022 WSFS Business Meeting, and Business Passed on to the 2022 WSFS Business Meeting from the WSFS Business Meeting held at Worldcon 79, DisCon III in Washington DC are now available from the WSFS Rules page. This includes the Minutes of the 2022 WSFS Business Meeting, the updated Resolutions and Rulings of Continuing Effect as of the conclusion of the 2022 WSFS Business Meeting, and links to the video recordings of the 2022 WSFS Business Meeting.

The 2021 Business Meeting ratified all proposals passed on from the 2020 Worldcon (CoNZealand in Wellington, New Zealand). All of those proposals were originally adopted at the 2019 Worldcon (Dublin 2019: An Irish Worldcon) in Dublin, Ireland, but were effectively deferred to DisCon III for ratification. (See the 2020 Business Meeting minutes for details.)

Past years’ WSFS Business pages are available at the WSFS Rules Archive page.